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This is a temporary stor- age area for your scanning results. Character Split On the contrary, when the strokes in 2 characters are too close to each other, they may be recognized together as 1 character. The result will be displayed in the frame below. Click on the Mini Scaneye icon on your taskbar by the clock and click on the first op- tion, which is Settings. However, you can manually set the desired text direction of your choice and start scanning too. Smart toolbar Provide you with smart toolbar, you can click any button you need. Computing price in Pakistan Scanners price in Pakistan.

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In the above frame, input the phrase or mimi where appropriate and click on to start the translation. When you scansye to correct a certain character, all you need to do is to leave your cursor on the character for seconds and a window showing a list of suggested corrections will be presented to you. The explanation in Chinese will pop up almost immediately. When scanning text, Mini Scaneye will directly input the recognition results into where ever you have placed your cursor at, generating a grey result box which your scan- ning results will appear inside.

This is a temporary stor- age area for your scanning results. Click on the incorrect character and a list of suggested cor- rections will be listed in the candidate window. Right hand – Scanning from left to right Right hand – Scanning from right to left Left hand – Scanning from left to righ Left hand – Scanning from right to leftc.


Click on the Mini Scaneye icon on your taskbar beside the clock and go sccaneye the first op- tion, dcaneye is the settings.

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scabeye In the result box, highlight the characters 7fC, window with a list of buttons. Correction and pre-emptive computing Spell checking function and predicts characters while correcting alignment now empow- ers you with a more accurate scanning flow.

However the concept is the same. Click on to enable the English phrasal dictionary. Mini Scan Eye Description. This will invoke the same settings window that you have seen previously.

It will start reading from the point from where dcaneye place the cursor right to the end of the phrase. Go to the Property tab and choose your desired text direction under Orientation.

Mini Scan Eye

Pre-emptive linking In any continuous text 2 charactersthe first character is the second character’s uplink, while the second character is the first character’s downlink. This is usu- ally left as default.

You can perform the translation phrase by phrase, or choose to have the translation done to the whole paragraph at one time. Select your cd-rom drive Scneye D: Scan the English text as usual, and the result will appear in the result box. The result will be displayed in the frame below. Click on Finish to end the installa- tion.


Different configuration will yield different results when scanning. Or you can also press the [Delete] on the keyboard to delete the characters. You can select whether the text you are scanning is printed text scandye handwritten text.

Let you input or translate easily and quickly. Scan away effortlessly with its transparent scan tip. Mini Scaneye Clicking scanyee B J will command the system read out the character to you, whereas if you are in phrasal translation mode, it will read out the phrase to you. The character split function can be used to split the strokes into 2 separate characters.

If you did not insert the Penpower Mini Scaneye cd, Windows will not be able to find the driver. If the computer does not auto-run the cd, you can go to D: Scan in your desired text, which will then generate the result box with your scanning result displayed inside the box. Open any word min i.

PenPower Mini Scaneye

A brand new ergonomic design Provide a comfortable handle which fits all left and right-handed users. Balloon Interface With its Balloon interface, offers you a non-interference environment. Select the style of Chinese in the targeted scanning results Use English Message: