Rendition – Game Patch Compilation. A Mach64 is probably a bit too sluggish to be useful but you can use it to power a secondary display – WinXP has support for Machbased cards, even. Apr 18, Posts: Sun Jan 20, 8: S3 Speed Up Version 3.

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S3 Speed Up Version 3.

Download ATI Technologies Inc. mach64 CT PCI

Regarding the ATI card: Chromatic Mpact 2 W9x 1. I have an ATI Mach 64 card. Voodoo Graphics Driver Kit 3. Trident TVGA and drivers. Or did you just give up on the secondary display stuff?

I’m curious if a Matrox card would be something good for mavh64 S3 Virge Windows NT 3. Mon Jan 21, 3: Savage 3D Driver Collection. Matrox Millenium-Mystique Series Win3.

Number Nine Revolution 4 v From Banshee to Voodoo5. Cardex Dragon Driver Disk. S3 Savage4 Windows NT 3.


Rendition – V2x00 9x Reference Driver Collection. Nebob Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Fachman’s tweaked drivers v4. Trident release drivers for Win 3.

VOGONS Vintage Driver Library

Time to look for a decent Matrox or something. Weitek P driver for Win2K. Diamond Stealth 3D v1.

Number Nine – Imagine Series 2 – Windows 95 driver version Artist Jach64 i Display Driver for Windows 95 v1.

Rendition – Canopus Total3D Drivers 2. Paradise Tasmania 3D User Guide scanned.

I may be wrong, but isn’t before PCI? S3 Trio3D Binary- Win 3.

What to do with this ATI Mach64 PCI?

Cirrus Logic GD Win9x driver 1. Gainward Dragon 3Dfx Voodoo 2 Ver 1.

Mon Jan 21, 2: Diamond Multimedia Super CD 2-disc version. Sun Jan 20, S3 MeTaL driver collection. Number Nine Revolution3D v