I’ll get my ear in when the thermals truly get going here I asked in an earlier posting if there was any way the B1 Nav can communicate directly with MemoryMap for downloading tracks or uploading routes for example? Obviously the pilot needs to be aware that if he is going to radically different conditions, like coming out of “cloud street” and into the “blue” glides will probably deteriorate, so more safety margin is necessary. You are commenting using your WordPress. Sorry for my bad English Regards, Koshyar. In the latest firmware, v.

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It is a Variometer targeted at soaring flight pilots who do not require integrated navigation features. How hard is it to switch off the device when you’re done flying!?

Flymaster B1 Nav settings | Advance paragliders in the West Country

In this case nxv B1nav will sound the alarm when the start opens and you are effectively outside of it perimeter and will sound it again when you cross into the cylinder which as I mention will be the same size as the start. Succesfully updated the firmware and made some changes to the group 0 display which i will use for flymzster aviation and group 1 for competitions. Some of Flymaster B1 Features.

Yes Vario Acoustics Sink threshold: Real time, flight time and temperature indicators.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: For the Monarca in two weeks, here’s what I’m thinking to try: The actual glide ratio towards the active turn point. I’m not saying that I’d use 18 different UDFs because many of them would be repeated, but the three groups would be something like this: In particular the tip about using Altitude2 for Flight Levels.

Any news on the thermal detecting improvements you’ve been working on?

Base frequency is the tone frequency of the 1st beep. I think is a good idea and easy to calculate.

Correct would be very helpful. Edge showing the distance to the nearest edge in the direction of the center. Once it gets g1 your trim speed you can head for the start! Many times, this height where thermals improve changes during the day as conditions evolve, or if you switch from plains to mountains or vice versa.

Flymaster B1 Nav review – Part 1, comp flying | Advance paragliders in the West Country

Thank you both Tim and James for your share!!! Caught a couple of thermals to ft.

Ave Speed XC flying to goal: When you reach goal the duration automatically stops — nice! Depending on the type of turnpoint you choose, other fields become available — ie. Very Nice thanks – can’t wait to play with it task nav. All super-easy and quick flymzster setup compared to doing it on my Garmin, and I suspect easier than many of its competitors.


I have made Will change the clock as soon as it gets a GPS signal. Tim, Thanks for the tips! But having revisited it following your comment I might switch it back vlymaster 1 again.

Flymaster – Nav

All the information previously in this post has been moved here. Fkymaster almost forgot — how does it work as a vario! One thing I noticed pretty quickly was how much more peaceful my flying was than before! The wind speed and direction indicator is very useful in Alpine conditions where valley winds come into effect and change through the day.

I’ve trolled through this thread and keep seeing mentions of an ASI in n1, but so far no photos or indication of when it will be available.

I have a concern about the Start Point: The speed at which the pilot must fly in order to reach the start gate at its opening.