Bit 7 is read-only. Selects serial protocol capturing. Supreme l Front Panel Command Function CD0 D-channel protocol capturing disabled. N8 National standard number. Dials telephone number according to any modifiers included in the string. Controls encryption and metering pulse.

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Z2 Restore profile 2.

The First Connection The key must be between 15 and 284i characters. Controls reaction to poor signal quality, flow control, and error correction. Command Function V0 Sets normal resolution.

Drivers for ZyXEL Elite I Modem for Windows 7

Displays the last caller ID information. Non-destructive break sent at end of data stream. V1 Sets high resolution. Sets what mode the modem will operate in. Grant remote request for current configuration. If that fails, hang up. Four-wire leased line type.

ZyXEL Elite , Elite I

C5 40ms minimum per normal-resolution line, 20ms minimum per fine-resolution line. DR Dial in answer mode. Resetting The Modem Menu Tree Elements Z3 User specified subaddress of BCD characters. Selects the function of 286i4 U-interface.


ZyXEL Elite 2864I – ISDN / analog modem combo – BRI ST Series

Connecting To Your Phone Sets the operating mode of the serial interface. Parallel Port Under Windows Omni p Rear Panel The information contained on this site is for informational purposes only.

Sends a text message xxxx to the remote modem with the specified protocol. Controls fax class 1 and busy detection during dialing. Sets the gain for received voice signals. Redials the last number dialed up to 9 times.

Zyxel Elite 2864I Free Driver Download (Official)

Locks the front panel key. General Hints And Tips Error Control And Data Compression Adjust received signal to dBm.

Sets the resolution to print on the printer. C2 10ms minimum per line. Sets the width of transmitted faxes. Zyxel Modems And A Pc C3 20ms minimum 2864l normal-resolution line, 10ms minimum per fine-resolution line. Round Trip Delay