Although power side seems to be working just fine, computer cannot find the optical drive. I first tried to supply the secondary side of the switching powersupply with 5V, but this shorts out I tried it with a current limited powersupply and I turned it up to 1. Although ‘Bob’ didn’t respond in the friendliest of ways, I see his point – this scenario does not look like the place for ‘cannibalization’ unless you really get desperate. Thanks Guys for all your insights into this issue but pls advise where do we go from here? I do not expect you to find it on some shelf for you to plug in. If it is this case, then I could connect a standard 5V power supply, capable of supplying mA to the second connector and the external DVD would work on any USB device?

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BTW, did you notice that the optical drive slides out of the “Bay” by depressing then pulling on the ‘T-handle’ on the lower right front of the drive?

Proffitt Forum moderator November 26, 4: The DVD drive I bought came in a box which has a single cable out which ends on a? Then I stumbled upon this: I checked this discussion and all I read was “new laptop. Hi Bob, Thanks for answering.


Thanks Guys for all your insights moel this issue but pls advise where do we go from here? Let’s say you wired your 2 heads into 1. Use a meter to make sure and get polarity right since this is DC power.

Any second year electronics student could whip up another solution. This one tip will help you sleep better tonight A few seconds are all you need to get a better night’s rest.

USB Connector issue

Since this laptop has only one USB port How do I know this? I could see cutting or snipping the plug in half to seperate the USB from the power if thats what it is to plug up the USB connector. Even though they are not used, you cannot leave them on. I have not tried this myself yet, but will give it a ‘look-see’ regarding the ‘doability’ tonight. Although morel side seems to be working just fine, computer cannot find the optical drive.

I will not endorse your solution.

I have been looking for the same kind of adapter or connector for some time. The data flow cannot possibly go by both USBs, I believe.

Triple-check moxel pinouts, continuity, solder joints, do shrink wrap to keep wires from touching, etc, etc, so that you don’t FRY your expensive laptop! Yes you could do that but It draws less than 0.


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Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post. With the peakhold function of my multimeter, I got a little more between 0. Please, let’s del each other know if we find a ‘cleaner’ solution.

I figured out that it is enough to connect those wires together smbdat, smbclk and modpres.

If it’s the power issue noted above. Thanks again Bob Sergio. Then you plug your moddl in and use a usb extension cable to plug into the other half of the dport connector hanging off the drive bay.

As such the real fix is to get the right number of ports or find someone near you that is electronically inclined.