If the board is under warrantee , rma it asap. See if they have any FAQ’s related to the prob. We put in a USB 2 Card and it has been working fine since. Thanks to everyone for sending suggestions. Please note we are carefully scanning all the content on our website. When you start building a new pc , locate the serial on top of your cpu , and write that info down inside the motherboard manual for future reference I do for all rma work. If drivers are required for the USB device, make sure you have the latest driver from the device manufacturer.

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It would be best to download the VGA, or graphics driver, and the Audio driver, from the computer manufacturer s support website.

Im d102gbc2 really pursuing it anymore because I plan on building a new PC soon anyway. So I comtroller to delete Extensions. Use system restore and go back to a restore point prior to when the problem started.

You have a mixture of USB powered and independantly powered devices on your sytem. No separate drivers are required, everything plays out of box unless you have. It would be best to download the VGA, or graphics driver, and the Audio driver, from the computer manufacturer’s support website. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid I am going to “assume” this d102fgc2 fix the problem and it isn’t the power supply.


I would try that before considering replacement of the MB. Im going to try the new Jas.

Intel d102ggc2 motherboard usb drivers

Driver DR is a professional Windows drivers download site, it supplies all devices for Intel and other manufacturers. Everything else seems to work right out the gate the sound, x102ggc2 video, and dvd burner lite on are all fully functional. Media Player 10 was the software that worked with the SanDisk mp3 player. Their are spending some of their time fontroller handle a manufacturer warranty item that is mosty likely beyond their in store warranty period and only charging shipping.

Or get a USB extension cable. See available support options. Sign In Sign Up. Happened on a really fancy ASUS motherboard.

While installtion first time it boot boot from cd-rom properly but next time once the prerquest installtion complete and first time aftre restart. Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions.

My son was using his mp3 player in the other front one – SanDisk- loading some songs on it. Go to MoBo manufacturer’s website and download chipset drivers for your MoBo and reinstall.


As one more option, you can try updating your BIOS with latest version before you start spending your money You can get some for as little as 9. If drivers are required for the USB device, make sure you have the contrller driver from the device manufacturer. USB ports or motherboard or both??


Intel DGGC2 Motherboard Usb drivers – Questions (with Pictures) – Fixya

I want usb support si Im still hunting for a solution. Did the onboard networking card work out of the box or did you have to use any old drivers? We mave give a 90 day instore warranty and beyond that manufacturers coverage is your responsibility.

The onboard ethernet card works correctly with Myzar Posted March 5, Results 1 to 22 of By Noahtuck in forum Computer. Check the warranty policy.

This is not a detailed “how-to” for newbies, just some recommendations and tricks, specially for d02ggc2 the HDD controller work at a decent speed and for enabling the audio: