Click Here to Download Free 8. This counter is incremented as indicated by the Receive OK status. Click the name of the team you want to configure. Installs the Common Information Model provider. On the Statistics tab, you can view traffic statistics for both Broadcom network adapters and network adapters made by others.

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Using Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2. This value can never be zero. To perform a silent install from within a batch file and wait for the install to complete before continuing with the next command line, type the following:. The physical address is never all advanded.

Click the name of the file to be restored, and then click Open.

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A new virtual adapter is created for each VLAN. A red indicator means that a link is not established. All of the member IP addresses must be in the same subnet as the subnet for the probe targets.

A count of frames that were successfully transmitted as indicated by the transmit status Transmit OK to the broadcast address.

Team names must be unique. The range is PAUSE frames enable the network adapter and a switch to control the transmit rate.


Click Restore to revert back to the previous settings. If you attempt to use a team name more than once, an error message is displayed indicating that the name already exists.

The benefit of this is that your system can have one network adapter that can belong to multiple subnets. If you delete a team, any VLANs configured for that team are also deleted. When team configuration has been correctly performed, a virtual team adapter driver is created for each configured team.

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License keys are preprogrammed in the hardware. The network connection is temporarily lost when these tests are running. Click Apply to commit the changes or click Cancel to discard the changes. Shows the available properties and their values for the selected adapter.

This mode does not provide link aggregation control protocol LACP or marker protocol support. The chip version of the Broadcom adapter this information is not available for adapters made by others. The adapter cannot function if its internal memory is not functioning properly.

Shows the hardware information for the selected adapter. This value can never be 0.

Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2 For Windows All

To continue using the wizard, click Next. All of the member IP addresses must be in the same subnet as the subnet of the probe targets.


It is recommended to accept the default values for Probe interval the number of seconds between each retransmission of a link packet to the probe target and Probe maximum retries the number of consecutively missed responses from a probe target before a failover is triggered. Click Broadcom Management Programsand then click Change.

Some statistics may not be available for all Broadcom network adapters. This test verifies the read and write capabilities of the network adapter registers by suie various values to the registers and verifying the results.

A count of frames that were successfully received and are directed to an active nonbroadcast group address. This suits not include frames received with frame-too-long, FCS, length, or alignment errors, or frames lost because of internal MAC sublayer errors. Unless the network infrastructure supports QoS, do not enable QoS. The selected program s will be installed. Shows the resource settings for the selected adapter.