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Rebecca Buchanan November 7, at 8: We are also running a sale if you purchase both Make The Cut! Not cutting through card stock. Hi, I’m trying to upload a file but instead of the expected item I only get a grid of blue outlined boxes with a few filled in boxes in grey. Zing has a cutting “gap”. Would you recommend it? In the window that remains, click “save changes” if available

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I like how it has two small drawers in the closable lid for holding blades and accessories. Printer margins seem to cover registration marks. Many people upgrade to the latest machines just because they are afraid they are missing something.

I’m testing out a design by drawing it with pen before I try cutting it out – I am using knife point mode, mat config is landscape. Hi, I’m trying to upload a file but instead of the expected item I only get a grid of blue outlined boxes with a few filled in boxes in grey.

I had an issue with my Gazelle days after the warranty was up but Terry and John took great care to get me working correctly for minimal cost. I have over GB of my hard drive free and plenty of ram so who put eindows limit on the memory and how do I increase it? Then head into Advanced options. If you are using WindowsXP or Vista, skip this step. My name is Jackie and I am bosskut gazelle boxskut and cutting newbie from Michigan.


Well my problem is this. Trying to use my MTC software and my silhouette cameo. Can windiws suggest beat inkjet printer to use or settings I need to adjust?


The blades last through many, many cuts and they also upgraded the sticky on their mats. Watched how to do it on mtc and was successful with the ornaments but when I tried to do a print and cut with the puzzle I cannot get it to work.

In fact, I have no place to put any size information. I have only managed to fill in a shape or letter with a colour choosing from the palette but I can’t find the way for the lines. MTC Thread dedicated to the Gazelle: The dongle contains the security key to activate the Funtime software.

MTC modified dashed line imported from Adobe Illustrator. I can pause and re-adjust my blade, speed, or force. I probably would not have called customer service had I been permitted to post on the Gazelle visitor board or even just read on the actual board.

Where bosskut gazelle I find that? The Gazelle has been designed with all the features that crafters bosskut gazelle.



It took some practice to get the pressure and blade depths correct, but using the pre-set blade holder took care of that. The pluginwindow says “not connected!

There no place to put the number for the width I want as shown in the videos. I do have the viewer installed and can see files in my documents folder just fine.

This time it has drawn part of the design on the windoas, ‘above’ the point where I set the origin: When you connect the dongle, initially the LED light on the dongle will blink.

The paper included warned windows7 takes an extra step, but that step alone did not get my windows7 laptop to acknowledge the existence of the plugged in Gazelle. How can I recover it? This is one sturdy machine – all metal with agzelle exception of the side drawers.

The SVG images are a mess. Other companies also sell them gazflle. Do I just import and pixel trace but then hide these parts when I do the cutting? It cuts two or three times faster than the E.