Hard Disk Drive

By the way, please remove the jumper cap from the Front Audio Connector before you connect the cable. Parity Bit The parity mode uses 1 parity bit for each byte, normally it is even parity mode, that is, each time the memory data is updated, parity bit will be adjusted to have even count “1” for each byte. Bijvoorbeeld antisemitische inhoud, racistische inhoud, of materiaal dat gewelddadige fysieke handelingen tot gevolg kan hebben. Confirming Windows 98 Installation. But after you finish the hardware installation, you have to install your operation system first such as Windows XP before you install any drivers or utilities. This tailor-made EzClock allows you to set

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Colors setting varies on lab motherboards; the color setting here applies only to AOpen i Family Motherboards. Coming in specific color for specific connector and ax4sy, components on motherboard are now born with their respective colors.

Traditional motherboard uses fuses to prevent Keyboard and USB port from over-current or shortage. You Must Notice All of the specifications and information contained in this manual are subject to change without notice. Be able to join the discussions of web-based news groups.

AOpen AX4SG-U Online Manual

To use this function you have to have a joystick yl and connect it with a game port cable to this port on the motherboard. Please keep this manual carefully for future upgrades or system configuration changes. Ax4g install the CPU Fan correctly as the following pictures shown. The problem is probably caused by power supply or motherboard failure. Like every other traditional disk, you also have to connect a power cable. Always observe the following precautions before you install a system component.


Please do not hesitate contact us if you have any problem about our products. Follow each step accordingly. Page 67 The first image you have here is the Voltage Status page.


Stel uw vraag in het forum. Page If you encounter any trouble to boot you system, follow the procedures accordingly to resolve the problem.

However, we receive numerous emails and phone-calls worldwide everyday, it is very hard for us to serve everyone on time. The RTC real time clock can also keep running as long as the power cord is plugged.

Further, AOpen will not disclose any of information you submitted under any conditions. Make sure you plug in the right direction.

Select “Search for a better driver than the one your device is using now.

So, whenever the sensor is triggered by lights or by the opening of the chassis, the system will beep to inform you. It is very possible that your Check if the system keyboard is defective. Every time you boot your system, both default and current settings will pop up on the screen.

Enlarged aluminum heat sink provides better heat consumption especially when you are trying to over-clock the CPU. One of them is on back panel connector, and the az4sg is on the upper left of board.


You can use JP28 to enable or disable this function, which could resume your system from suspend mode with keyboard or mouse. Cpu Over-current Protection Note: To clear the CMOS, follow the procedure below.

This motherboard comes with a retention module attached on the CPU socket when shipped, we strongly recommend you to install AOpen special designed CPU Fan as shown below on the retention module for better heat dissipation.

Ata at Attachment The main function of AGP simply put is to tell qx4sg what screen information had to be shown, a visual transmission device actually. To print the manual completely, please, download it. On the strength of the innovative design of ALC, you’re able to use standard line-jacks for surround audio output without connecting any external module. Wij vragen u dus ook te reageren op een antwoord. All useful ,an will be described in later chapters.

The idea of where to put these capacitors is another know-how that requires experience and detail calculation.