This option lives on as an addon. Updated notes about Windows 10 Creators Update compatibility. Updated notes about Windows 10 compatibility. The volume control for Front Panel was set to “MM”. Originally Posted by tb

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Audio-Out With ASUS Xonar DX

Admin Author Featured Buried. This option lives on as an addon.

Added notes about Windows 10 Creators Update compatibility. Added warning message if installing the drivers would require Test Mode. Same audio drivers as those in 1. Please disable adblock for this website and refresh this page if you: Did everything what people says — turn off internal soundcard on motherboard, unistall all drivers from them and Nvidia, clean setup with original drivers from Asus and UNi with no result.

If you have the computer case audio front panel connected to the STXII card, have you tried connecting some other speakers or headphones to the front panel and enabling it in the audio panel? I wanted to switch to STX ii but for some reason i postponed it. This indicates that a kernel-mode driver attempted to access pageable memory at a process IRQL that was too high.


CarvedInside 03 Dec The PC has a dedicated audio card: Please provide the following information: I also only use a 4.

Is there any way to add support for 4. Includes updated driver installer and C-Media Panel.

The headphones are muted “MM” and audio can be hard through the rear speakers. All the improvements and changes done to the UNi Xonar installer from 1. Complete Previous Release Notes. Thanks for posting the solution.

CarvedInside xinar Dec If you want to upmix the stereo sound from youtube to be played through all 5. Release notes Windows 10 compatibility Downloads.

UNi Xonar Drivers official page

UNi Xonar drivers are Windows drivers for the following sound cards: Before, did you manually disable “Speakers” I ran alsamixer as you suggested. This bug check belongs to the crash dump test that you have performed with WhoCrashed or other software.

New icon for UNi Xonar installer. Updated notes about Windows 10 Creators Update compatibility.


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Marco 24 Dec Driver for all supported cards. Find out which Windows version you have installed. There is also a small chance that some things could break with future Windows updates. UNi Xonar drivers v1. All times are GMT