Hard Disk Drive

Video controller model Video controller model X. Configure advanced CPU settings Manufacturer: About Feedback Send error report. From your Windows desktop, click on Start, then select My Computer. The Supervisor Password item on top of the screen shows the default Not Installed. Registered buffered memory support Registered buffered memory support X.

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This mark indicates assu processor Pin 1 that should match a specific corner of the CPU socket. If you made changes to fields other than system date, system time, and password, the BIOS asks for a confirmation before exiting. Thunderbolt on back panel count Thunderbolt on back panel count X. Chipset model Chipset model X.

Select [Ok] to discard any changes and load the previously saved values.

After you have set a password, this item shows Installed. After connecting one end to the motherboard, connect the other end to the floppy drive.

ASUS P4P800S-X, Socket 478, Intel Motherboard

Copy the original or the latest motherboard BIOS to the bootable floppy disk. Incorrect field values may cause the system to malfunction.

The User Password item now shows Installed. Use a grounded wrist strap or touch a safely grounded object or to a metal object, such as the power supply case, before handling components to avoid damaging them due to static electricity. Doing so may damage the motherboard.


When you remove any chassis component, the sensor triggers and sends a high-level signal to this lead to record a chassis intrusion event.

Motherboard specification ASUS P4P800S-X

Write the BIOS file name on a piece of paper. You can not select an item etjernet is not user-configurable. Optional Documentation Your product package may include optional documentation, such as warranty flyers, that may have been added by your dealer. When set to Auto, the data transfer from and to the device occurs multiple sectors at a time if the device supports multi-sector transfer feature.

ICH5 supports a maximum of four 4 devices using these OS. When a corrupted BIOS is detected, the following screen message appears. To change the supervisor password, follow the same steps as in setting a user password.

A very asis Vcore voltage may severely damage the CPU!

This Mic pink jack connects a microphone. CPU Processor manufacturer Processor manufacturer.

ASUS P4PS-X, Socket , Intel Motherboard | eBay

For example, you may want to enable the security password feature or change the power management settings. Insert a floppy disk that contains the original or the latest BIOS file for this motherboard. Full Access allows viewing and changing all the fields in the Setup utility.


Turning an external modem off and then back on while the computer is off causes an initialization string that turns the system power on. B – supports on pair of modules inserted into either the slots as one pair of Dual-channel memory configuration.

The Setup program is designed to make it as easy to use as possible. Detailed descriptions of the BIOS parameters are also provided. If an audio device is detected, the onboard audio controller is enabled; if no audio device is detected, the controller is disabled.

Audio Audio controller presence Audio controller presence.

Asus P4PS-X User guide |

;4p800s-x utility will copy the current system BIOS by default to the floppy disk. Refer to the tables next page. This Line In light blue jack connects a tape player or other audio sources. Tips and additional information to aid in completing a task.