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The three first joints of its tarsus were in short dilated into species of cushions, of which the last was bi- lobed, while the fourth joint was short, slender, obconical, and forming at first sight one piece with the fifth ; so that the three first articulations formed a dilated part of the tarsus, and the two last a filiform part. A very fme specimen, which we saw in the possession of Mr. From the notes sub- o 2 joined Dr. Some of the birds killed in the spring have only partially acquired the red breast ; and of those shot in autumn some have only partially lost it. This species of Gull never lays more than three eggs the first time ; but if these are taken, it will lay again.

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These Owls visit this part of the kingdom in September and October, and remain till the spring.

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It will frequently begin its of the Norfolk and Su folk Birch. It was, however, observable that wbiti tarsus of my pentamerous insect differed in no other respect from that of Sagra and Bruchus; that is, from the tarsus of the majority of M.

A Redshank, which was shot the same day, showed an equal facility in swimming. Read February 1, One of them, which was shot at that place in the month of August, had a red breast, and was in plumage similar to the one in a summer dress preserved in the British Museum.


The Kingfisher appears to vary much in size: And we have been informed by the Rev. We killed two wounded birds: Spence, that Millier had discovered the third joint in the tarsus of Cocciitella ; but as Mr.

Cahjx superiis, juadripartitiis, laciniis subrotundis, concavis, ciliatis. This kind of Petrel sometimes makes its appearance on the coasts, and has been shot from the beach at Yarmouth. H3ba I n du. Toi 0el j to t. ML o 04 The Osprey has been met Avith in the neighbourhood of rivers and large pieces of water, both in Norfolk and Suftblk. This bird when flushed, sometimes utters a note resembling as nearly as possible that of the Kingfisher.

Fructus magnitudine Cerasi majoris, globosus, basi umbilicatus, glaber, flavus, constans e calyce succulente, clause, imbri- cate, capsulas tegente quinque 445c, succulentas.

The leaves which I saw were about the size of those of the Borassus ftabelliformis ; that is, five or six feet in dia- meter: There is a difficulty in plucking these birds clean, it being almost impossible to get the down oti’ by that process.

Its object will be sufficiently answered if this end shall be in any degree accomplished ; and, at the same time, some light thrown upon the wisdom and goodness of the Author of Nature in the works of his creation.

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Hence this district is particularly favourable to the pursuits of ornithologists. This bird breeds in the channel-fen at Barton in Norfolk, where we have more than once thought ourselves in danger of being attacked by it, when we had approached the place where undoubtedly its nest was concealed.


Harrison with the following observations upon abtii species. Sometimes they will approach the habita- tions of man, and feed upon the carrion preserved for dogs. It generally breeds in the holes of trees made by the Ficus viridis, which, being too large, it walls up with mortar to a proper size.

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Two others were caught by Mr. We have met with a specimen of this bird in the collection of Mr. See our other membership options. On the surface of a fragment of rock from the coast of the county of Clare, for which I am indebted to the kindness of Mr.

Some of these birds used to wbiti in the marshes of Norfolk, and three years since we received the egg of this species from Yarmouth. The flesh of the Heron is much admired by some persons.

The cry of a flock of these birds very much resembles the noise of a pack of the Norfolk and Su folk Birds. We once saw a male Red-backed Shrike eager in chase of a Blackbird. Description oftzco new Birds from Nepaul.